The consequences of the corona crisis are difficult to predict so far, but potentially serious. The consequences of the quarantine are equally serious. The accompanying loss of income poses an existential threat to countless self-employed, temporary and fixed-term employees and freelancers. In order to survive this crisis, they need support. It remains unclear whether the support of the national government and cantons will be sufficient and whether it is spoken quickly enough. This is why we are launching Together Now. This is a civil society initiative that collects money and distributes it to those who are existentially affected because they receive no other financial aid. Regardless of citizenship, age or gender. In order to overcome this crisis together, we need solidarity across society.

People who expect serious income losses due to the Corona crisis can register on the website. Whether and to what extent a bridging income can be granted is decided by the collective on the basis of a detailed questionnaire. This includes information on income, employment and marital status among other things. Applicants must be registered in Switzerland, have a place of residence and a bank account. They must be in a financial emergency situation. This also means that they cannot rely on financial support from their family, their environment or the federal government. Each dossier is examined individually. Donations and payments are made continuously. The maximum amount is 2,500 Swiss francs. We do everything we can to ensure a fair and honest distribution, but we cannot guarantee a bridging income. Together Now receives financial resources only through donations, which means that we rely on your support. Now.

Our collective consists of wemakeit, the association Dein Grundeinkommen and the Think Tank Dezentrum. Our goal is to establish civil society solidarity, which ensures that everyone in society can lead a dignified existence even in times of crisis. We want to make the bridging income available as soon as possible, the first time it should be paid out in April. Honesty, transparency and fairness are the principles that make up solidarity. Potentially, a lot of money is at stake - in other words, a lot of responsibility. We try to keep this responsibility by being sincere, transparent and fair. In return we expect the same from you.