Who We Are Looking For

All people who have enough financial security to give a share to those who now have too little for a worthy existence. Money!


The acceptance of donations is handled through the fund mechanism of wemakeit on their website. The money will be transferred before the end of each month to the non-profit association Dein Grundeinkommen, based at Gerbergasse 30 in 4001 Basel. From there the funds will be forwarded to the recipients. Our initial target amount is 25'000 CHF and after that, there are so-called "stretch goals" - which means that we can extend the collection continuously.


Bridging request

Who we Help

Self-employed persons and people who are not entitled to wage compensation, who have submitted a complete, honest and truthful dossier showing their plight. This also means that these people cannot rely on financial support from their parents, their environment or the state.


An application can be made by the above mentioned groups of people here. For this purpose, a questionnaire must be filled out, which contains information on income, financial emergency situation and master data.


Case evaluation

We treat all data completely anonymous and confidential. Each application is checked individually for completeness and coherence. Applications with discrepancies or ambiguities are reviewed by the entire committee. It is our aim to really only support those who are existentially affected.



Applicants must live in Switzerland and have a bank account. There must be an emergency situation. Each dossier is examined individually. The amount of the bridging income is determined on the basis of the dossier, which has been drawn up together with the innovation ethics agency ethix. In the same way as we collect donations on an ongoing basis, we continuously support applicants with an amount of up to 2'500 Swiss Francs per month.


Legal information

The collected funds may not be kept at Wemakeit for longer than 60 days and will be transferred to the association's account as required, at the latest after 60 days. Banks, MLA and Co. rules apply. Surplus funds on the association account of the association Dein Grundeinkommen will be used for charitable purposes.