Processing and support in terms of revenue/donations, infrastructure and hosting wemakeit fund side.

Verein Dein Grundeinkommen & Think Tank Dezentrum

Branding, design and development of Together Now website, application processing, money management and accounting, and support of payments. Legal and Compliance.

Together Now Collective

Case evaluation of all applications. Independent collective of people who make pragmatic, fair and honest decisions and process the applications chronologically according to their date of entry and urgency. Establishment of a network of volunteers and helpers in process.

Volunteer helpers

Xenia Meier
Moritz Senn
Benedikt Schuppli
Pascal Sutter
Dominik von Werdt
Ethix, Lab für Innovationsethik

Illustrations Website

Elena Knecht, www.elenaknecht.ch

Illustrations Social Media (Noodles)

Katrin von Niederhäusern, www.katrin.cool


Lausanne, www.nizarkazan.ch