Bridging Income for Self-Employed and Temporary Workers

Together we help self-employed and people without permanent employment to overcome the crisis with a bridging income. Help us!
A bridging income: Honest, transparent and fair. Now.

Together Now is intended to temporarily supplement the existing Swiss social system. It is aimed at all self-employed persons and people who do not have coverage from their employer, the federal and cantonal governments or insurance companies. For those who would otherwise not receive financial assistance, even though they urgently need it now.

We believe in a community based on solidarity. One that stands up for one another regardless of citizenship, age or gender.
Together Now soll das bestehende Schweizer Sozialsystem temporär ergänzen. Es richtet sich an alle Selbständigerwerbenden und Menschen, die keine Absicherungen durch ihre Arbeitgeberin, Bund und Kantone oder Versicherungen haben. Für diejenigen, die sonst keine finanzielle Hilfe erhalten, obwohl sie sie jetzt dringend brauchen.

Wir glauben an eine solidarische Gemeinschaft. Eine, die unabhängig von Staatsbürgerinnenschaft, Alter und Geschlecht füreinander einsteht.

This is how it works

Donate Now

We need help from anyone who can help. That means from all those who are not financially endangered. Through wemakeit we raise funds for Together Now. Choose a suitable amount for you to pay by credit card or bank transfer. 5.5 percent of donations will be deducted. 4 percent of which is used for transaction fees and 1.5 percent for operations (wemakeit). Our goal is that this is the only deduction from the contribution. If and when more money is needed to maintain Together Now, we will inform you immediately and transparently.

Apply for Support

If the consequences of the quarantine put you in a financial emergency and you have no other help to fall back on, you can apply for a bridging income. People who are resident in Switzerland and have a bank account can be supported. We evaluate each application individually, this takes time, but many need help immediately. Therefore, be honest: If you are not really existentially affected - let others take precedence. Be fair: a truthful answer to the questionnaire is essential for Together Now to work. Only in this way can we achieve a fair distribution.

When and How Is the Payment Made?

We cannot guarantee you a bridging income. Whether you are eligible or not depends on your situation and on the amount of donations received. Donations and applications are received on an ongoing basis and are paid out as quickly as possible to the supported persons in the form of a bridging income. This way rent and bills can be paid on time and purchases made.

Who Evaluates the Applications?

The independent collective decides on the basis of the questionnaires that all applicants must complete. We are currently working on them intensively with the innovation ethics agency Ethix. The questionnaires will help us identify dubious and fraudulent applications. We will assess the dossiers as honestly, fairly and transparently as possible and demand exactly the same from applicants. The aim is to deliver help to those who depend on it.

Independent collective

Our collective consists of Wemakeit, the association Dein Grundeinkommen and the association Dezentrum. Our goal is to establish solidarity in civil society, which ensures that everyone in society can lead a humane existence even in times of crisis. Potentially, a lot of money is at stake - in other words, a lot of responsibility. We strive to honor this responsibility by being sincere, transparent and fair. In return we expect the same from you.

Open Source and Secure

We work with the most sensitive data of the people supported, we know that. That's why we guarantee highest security and rely on Open Source technologies wherever possible. Where we have to use external services, we carefully examine their data protection regulations to protect all information.

Sincere, Fair and Transparent

We are making every effort to pay out the first bridging income as quickly as possible. In doing so, we will encounter obstacles that we cannot yet foresee. As soon as we notice that we need to make changes in our practice, we will inform you immediately and transparently. All donations received are visible on the website. Our collective is always open to questions and suggestions.

Spread the word!

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We are dependent on a joint engagement from society as a whole so that we can realise the bridging income. Help and spread the word about Together Now. If you act in the spirit of Together Now, you can use the logos freely for Instagram, for Facebook and websites. Thank you!